Our values have been built on a rights-based approach to education, providing equal access to knowledge and creating adequate opportunities for young people to join the productive workforce.

Guided by the Lebanese greats who engaged in writing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we firmly believe that equality and equal, gender-balanced access to education are the measures for empowerment of the region’s largest population group-its young women and men.,

ADEL strives to team up with like-minded NGOs and organizations that strive to build better, more productive societies that nurture and enable their young citizens to take an active part in nation building and sustainable development.

We wholeheartedly believe and are inspired by the international efforts guiding the development of nations, previously the Millennium Development Goals and the present Sustainable Development Goals, which have both highlighted education as the way forward to attain human-Centered, equitable development.

Commitment, Equality, Humanity, Respect

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