Who we are

A.D.E.L - The Association for Development and Empowerment in Lebanon

We are a group of professionals and entrepreneurs from Lebanon who believe in creating opportunities for the youth of our region to have a productive role in building their future and taking part in furthering the prosperity and development of their communities. We aim to do that chiefly through initiating and supporting education initiatives in Lebanon and further afield in the region.

Education has a large scope that goes beyond the literal meaning of the word.

Our goal is to have an integrated program of enabling and nurturing the quest to learn and cultivating young people’s skills and business acumen, thus preparing them to face the obstacles and challenges of joining the workforce.

Education provides knowledge, and knowledge empowers people.

These programs will empower young people and provide them with the proper means and solutions to better engage with their communities and become productive citizens, capable of building better societies.

ADEL strives to give them the means to be well-balanced in their approach and attitude to take active parts in developing their communities.

Our goal is to empower young people to build a better future.

Our engagement is towards building adequate educational, social, cultural, and economic programs for creating opportunities for young people in the Arab region.

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