The Association for Development and Empowerment in Lebanon ADEL is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-political association founded in Lebanon with the objective to build the human capital through education, development, and empowerment.

Simply put, ADEL is a social, cultural & educational independent association committing itself to serving the most important asset of the region – its youth and future generations.

Reiterating the meaning of the word ‘ADEL’, which in Arabic means justice, the Association believes that equal access to Education is the key to nurturing talent, creating a productive workforce and subsequently viable nations.


We at ADEL firmly believe that Education is the foundation of functioning and prosperous societies.
We also believe that education goes beyond mere academics and is a multi-faceted approach that is instrumental in creating well-rounded, productive and engaged individuals. It is unfortunate that many capable and talented young people who would, if given the proper means, become the stars of the future lose out for lack of a chance for a proper education, training and exposure. This is where ADEL comes in.


ADEL is committed to the cause of providing education, training, nurturing and empowerment that would sustain progress and support for communities and society in general.

Garnering regional and global exposure owing to the involvement of its Board of Directors & Trustees in numerous professional ventures, NGOs, people-building and educational programs, ADEL is dedicated to ensuring that the network of its board and membership is put to good use in creating opportunities for young people in the region to reach their optimum potential.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ( Nelson Mandela )

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